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Naturally Disastrous is a 1-6 player co-operative dice driven game of peril and adventure.   You and your team play as Aliens who came to a self destructing Earth to heal it.  The natives of this planet did not see your intentions as peaceful so they shot you down.  Now you need to get off the planet and because your nice, you still want to heal it.  The Earth is falling apart around you, the natives are trying to KO you, steal  your tech and even Mutate you.  If you become Mutated you start playing on the side of the game.  Another cool feature about this game is if your friends arrive late to game night they can jump right in and start playing.  

The Mother of All Expansions adds a Vault to Explore with lots of little goodies to discover and a Mother Ship Board that is trying to help you on your quest.  This is an up and coming expansion.  If you have questions send us a message below.


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