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For some it is a time of Light… Others a time of Darkness… For YOU, it is a time of WAR!

DragonMage Warfare™ has begun.  You take on the role of a member of the mighty council, fighting for leadership.  Your apprentice Mages do your bidding while you expand your political agendas.  It is up to you to protect your kingdom and persuade the inhabitants of the neighboring kingdoms that you are the long awaited leader of the DragonMage council.  Are you a DragonMage who truly desires peace?  Or are you one who seeks power at any cost?  You gain influence by teaching your Mages the knowledge and experience you possess through the summoning of mighty creatures and the casting of ancient spells.  Choose your allies wisely, for there can only be one ruler in DragonMage Warfare™

Thank you to all of the individuals who backed us on Kickstarter to make this game a reality:
Michael "Cube" Plumb, Cat Sith Midnight vs Priscilla's lemming horde, Randall W. Wood, Stuart Holttum, Nathan Sorensen, David Wright, Marc Poirier, Lord Adams of Punchdrunkstainia, George W. Ellis, Jacob "Ryoku" Walker, Edward G Burr, Marc Poirier, Shadus Tain (a.k.a.: CM), Aaron Spurlock, Robert Shofkom,, Larry Bogucki, Vince Adams, Thomas Deno, Jean-Marc Daveau, Mirage J, Derek "Pineapple Steak" Swoyer, Abe Sanderson, Michael Ekholm, Eric T. Boyce, R. Dawson Smith, Justin Leader, Megan "M5" Matta, Mark Pond, Cole James Richardson, Alexandros Christodoulides, Kevin Schantz, Ed Kowalczewski, Karl Schmidt, Anthony "Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson" Thomas, Chad Breske, The Keep, Daniel "Iowa" Mears, Angie Woodcock Oliver, Linda & Max, Angela Ferris, Jamie Harwood, Benjamin Robert George Hagen, Wesley Carder, Mark Gwynne, Andrew Sekela, Steve Lord, Ethan & Andrew Reutzel, Steve Baylus, Jennine C., R. Dawson Smith, Robert Giroux, D.J. Karen Trae & Evan Cole, Larry Rittman, Timothy J. Watkins, Steven Sartain, Blarghedy, Jenifer Bunker, Logan Daugherty, Jacob Miller, Tom McDonald, Mark Schreiber, Kristoffer Dyer, none, Andrew Klein, David Boll, Victor Luchangco, Devin Cary, nmgara, Bill Edwards, James Bond, Markus Bestle aka NaNo, Alejandro Mireles, J, Arthur Petersen, Michael & Angela Walker, David Carl, Garrett Shaw, Timothy Dobbins, Trisha Turnbaugh, Joseph Cowlishaw, Hanzou, Patrick Siebert, Jazzy Bear Brown, Demetrius J Smith "Shadow Lynx"


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