Dragon Stories™ is a mini story telling game that utilizes a modified worker placement and castle defense mechananism set in the fantasy world of the Arcturian nations.  The mighty Dragon Gems that were protected by the DragonMage Council have been stolen due to corruption and mistrust between the various races.    The mighty Dragons view these actions as a violation of the ancient code set forth at the beginning of time and have thusly withdrawn their support from the land.  However, not all people are corrupt in the land.  The sacred religious council set up by Arcturias himself still holds hope that the hearts of the corrupted can be turned virtuous again in time.  The council has therefore laid the burden of traveling throughout the land to sway the ancient protectors, upon you.  If you accomplish the task of finding the ancient relics and returning them to their owners the ancient code will be reinstated and , the evil that lurks in the shadows will be too weak to overthrow the local kingdoms. 


In Dragon Stories, 1-6 players will acquire dice (the willing warriors of the land) to help them fight invadind monsters.  Ultimately through adventure cards the sacred relics will be found and used to also protect the land until they are returned to their rightful owners.  Each Player has various skills depending on the player board making Dragon Stories uniquely asymmetrical.  Players will interact with the game itself through stories written on cards.  Tough decisions will have to be made.  Players will manipulate a modified worker placement system with a single hero "worker".  Ultimately, if players do not figure out how to work together, the impending evil will take over the land. 

Dragon Stories also features different ways to play to suit differing play styles.  Players can play full coop mode which is an all win or all lose style game.  Players can also choose to either play semi cooperatively or strictly competitively.  In the end, you will tell your own Dragon Stories™.